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Several top recipes sites are integrated with our Chrome extension so you can capture the entire recipe text and ingredients. For nonintegrated sites we'll save the page URL to your collection whether it be a video, blog post, or text recipe.
I love this extension! With dietary restrictions, it's tough to keep all your recipes in one place - but this handy tool is perfect for that.
Lillie Lemon
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Bill Coloe
Founder, Recipe Saver
It all started in 2011, when I realized the only thing I knew how to cook for my dinner date was boiled hot dogs.

Chucking two premade pork links into a pool of hot water and slapping them on stale buns was no way to impress someone, so I knew it was only a matter of time until I was exposed as a home cook imposter. I did what anyone else in my position would do - I turned to the Internet for a fancy recipe so I could fake it until I could make it.

A vegetarian stir fry dish turned out to be a hit and I lived to cook another day. Weeks later, I was asked to make it again but silly old me forgot to save the recipe and there was no way I could remember the ingredients off the top of my head. Fearing being found out, I spent hours searching for the original recipe and consequently realized how important it was to keep track of my favorite recipes in the future.

In the months that followed, and keeping up my facade as a decent home cook, I tried all sorts of recipe keeping methods. Bookmarks were quick and easy but the messy and disparate naming conventions made things disorganized. Spreadsheets worked for a while, but I had to spend a fair amount of time formating, backing up and organizing data.

Many recipe websites included a "recipe box" but I was constrained to only being able to save recipes hosted on that site. Other meal planning websites felt too clunky with features I didn't want or need. Around this time I had begun my career as a Front End Developer and decided to build a simple site that would allow you to enter your own collection of recipes online, accompanied with a companion Chrome Extension. It was simple, no-frills, and rudimentary but it worked and so Recipe Saver 1.0 was born.

I shared the application online, but didn't expect many people to sign up other than some friends and family. With a marketing budget of $0, the site somehow found it's way onto many people's screens, and before long I had thousands of registered users. Realizing that I may have solved a problem for more people than intended, I decided to recreate the entire application to make it much more polished. Recipe Saver 2.0 is simply the latest incarnation of my attempt to make saving recipes easier for everyone. With new features being added routinely (without getting in the way of what you love), I hope you'll find this site a valuable addition to your home cooking toolbox.

I'd love to hear your thoughts on what you've thought of this site so drop us a line at if you have any feedback at all. Happy recipe hunting!

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